"Code" now available at Black Death Production

August 9, 2015Posted by Antares


On August 3rd Iubaris once again joined forces with Black Death Production extreme metal label, which is now the official distributor for "Code" - the second full lengh album by the polish black metal band. The latest album is available along with Magnum Coeptum Satanicum. Click on the image below to buy "Code" from the label's shop.

Iubaris release new EP - FREE DOWNLOAD

April 18, 2015Posted by Antares


Recorded at vareous points between 2014 and 2015, the EP "A Man Disappeared" is a bold collection of unusual tracks, rich in audio experimentation. The title track was origninally recorded by Iubaris at RAMTAMTAM studios in Sopot, as one of the winners in WZMACNIACZ contest. Surprises include a whole new version of the band's well known older track, A Day Of December, recorded at the band's studio Black Peak Records; two remixes made by Antares (as Black Tantra) and Mjolnir (as The Fallen Altar). The EP is, and will be available for FREE, only as an internet download - no physical copies are planned to be released.



1. A Man Disappeared
2. A Day Of December (2015 version)
3. A Man Disappeared (remix)
4. Never (Now remix)
5. Overworld

Iubaris featured on Musick Magazine's "Budząc Umarlych" compilation

April 15, 2015Posted by Antares


The detailed info about the release in Polish as follows:

Z wielką przyjemnością prezentujemy nowy numer Musick Magazine! Jego okładkę dzielą dwa żelazne klasyki ekstremalnego grania: Marduk oraz Napalm Death. Należycie potraktowaliśmy 25 rocznicę powstania jednej z najważniejszych wytwórni w historii metalu – Relapse Records - i w obszernym materiale podsumowujemy historię i zasługi tej niesamowitej stajni, która wydała na świat choćby Neurosis, Brutal Truth czy Mastodon! Polecamy gorące rozmowy z Tribulation, Infernal War, Wardruna, Royal Thunder, Walterem - szefem Roadburn Festival, Urfaust, którzy bardzo rzadko udzielają wypowiedzi dla mediów, Enslaved, Satyricon, Agnostic Front, Swallowed, Morgoth, The Crown, Moonspell, Archgoat. Zachęcamy do lektury wywiadu z Paulem Mazurkiewiczem z Cannibal Corpse, z Danem Swano gadamy o projekcie Nightingale. Krajową scenę tym razem reprezentują: Neolith, Embrional, Rogi, Zorormr, Kurhan, Ketha, Deivos. Tryłkołak dokłada do tak bogatego menu kolejne odcinki „Ekstremalnych zmyśli” oraz ‘Pod pręgierzem decybeli”, a całość uzupełniają: nowa część „Na południe od nieba”, premierowy odcinek „Shit Happens” oraz relacje z koncertów i kilkadziesiąt recenzji. Specjalnym dodatkiem do numeru jest siódma część płyty kompilacyjnej „Budząc umarłych” na której prezentujemy nagrania: Slaves of Evil, Morthus, Isolated, War Messiah, Taran, Bolt Crown, Profanatism, Serpent Seed, Drop of Fire, Dying Vision, Morte, Spatial, Skyanger, Iubaris. Nr 1/2015 (10) jest już dostepny w naszym sklepie www.musickmagazine.8merch.com oraz w salonach Empik w całym kraju

Iubaris streaming brand new song

January 31, 2015Posted by Antares


Iubaris release a new song thanks to the Ramtamtam Foundation, on a compilation album called "Wzmacniacz" along with other independent acts from the tricity area in Poland.

Other artist on the compilation include:

Willymash, Last Vein, Pinkeye, TKM, Restricted, Elek3city
In My Pocket, Splif, Dywizjon Despekt, Said No.

Much thanks to Rafał Serwatka and all at Ramtamtam studios for making our recording and mixing sessions possible.

Iubaris release new album on CD

Deccember 26, 2014Posted by Antares


Code is now officialy available on CD.


Buy on CD.

Price: 16,00 pln + costs of shipping

Iubaris release new album online

October 20, 2014Posted by Antares


Code is now officialy available for download online.

Buy digital download.

Price; 8,00 pln / album (download per song not available)

CD release coming soon

Iubaris release new album cover, tracklist, and the first track from the new album, titled Code

August 11, 2014Posted by Antares


3.The Sailing Wraiths
5.Plod Through
7.What Is Lost To Be Found
9.Absolute Zero
10.Eternity From Ashes

Listen to "Odium" below:

The album is scheduled to be released in September 2014

Live shows - Iubaris on tour

August 5, 2014Posted by Antares



07-08-2014 / Revolver / Olsztyn
08-08-2014 / ACK Sepularium / Białystok
09-08-2014 / Metal Cave / Warszawa
30-08-2014 / Motor Rock Pub / Słupsk
31-08-2014 / Opera Leśna / Sopot

Iubaris wins "Wzmacniacz" contest by the Ramtamtam Foundation

Jane 22, 2014Posted by Antares


Iubaris was announced as a winner of "Wzmacniacz" competition, organised by Foundation Ramtamtam. The prizes of the competition were:

1.Recording a song in Ramtamtam studios in Sopot
2.A live show on the big stage of The Sopot Forest Opera together with the other winners, planned for the last weekend of August.

The studio has already held two recording sessions. The first took place on 14.06.2014, when the band registered the drums tracks, another took place on 21.06.2014, when the other instruments were recorded. Photos of the recordings are available on the band's facebook profile. The new song will be called "A Man Disappeared". More information about our participation in the competition soon.

Lyrics now available on the official Iubaris website

Januray 5, 2014Posted by Antares


Be sure to check out the band's updated discography section for the lyrics from both Ep's,

Magnum Coeptum Satanicum compilation closes the band's current catalog.

Iubaris release videoclip for The Winnowing

November 13, 2013Posted by Antares


Iubaris release an official videoclip for the song "The Winnowing", opening track from the Magnum Coeptum Satanicum album.

Iubaris perform new song live

May 15, 2013Posted by Antares


From a statement by Antares on the official IUBARIS facebook page:

"We present you with a live performance of a new song from our upcoming album. It gives some perspective on how the rest of the new CD will sound. We hope you'll like it, despite the fact that we had some technical problems with getting the bass amp to work properly that night. Editing of the drum tracks will take place this weekend, and right after that we'll start to record all the other instruments. The new album will be comprised of 11 new songs, leaning towards a more progressive/avantgarde direction."

Video by: Metal Duma Productions

Iubaris studio report

May 4, 2013Posted by Antares


On May 1 Iubaris entered VELUR STUDIOS to record drum tracks for a new album with producer/sound engineer MICHAŁ KOZIOROWSKI. All 9 songs were finished within 3 days of recording. Editing of the tracks is scheduled to begin within two weeks. The band is now preparing to record and mix the rest of the instruments, with Antares and Mjolnir as sole producers of the remaining process.

Photo: Agnieszka 'Yaza' Janczyk

Welcome to our official website

April 29, 2013Posted by Antares


The band's official website is active from this day. Here you will find info about the band's news, releases, live shows, and links to other pages from our network. Polish version coming soon.

The Winnowing music video trailer

April 29, 2013Posted by Antares


Wath a trailer for the band's first official music video for the song "The Winnowing"